Tips On Choosing A Summer Camp

 How should parents go about choosing the right camp for their youngsters?

Here are some things to consider:

 1.       Age Younger campers (under age 7) may not be ready for a week or more at camp, but there are approximately 100 camps in Alabama. Some offer day camping, with no overnight stay, and others offer a ½ week stay for younger campers.
Consider a ½ week program or a day camp experience to prepare your child for a future week or more at an overnight camp.

2.      Camp Location  Do you want a camp near home?  Check out Find A Camp on this site.

3.       Activities Is your child interested in hiking, swimming, sports, music, drama?  Camps provide varied activities and many specialize in particular areas such as horseback riding, science, gymnastics, cheerleading, ropes courses, leadership.  You can find information on specific activities at individual camp web sites.

4.       Cost Contact the camps you are considering.  Fees can range from less than $100 to more than $1,000 per week.

5.       Help with funding  Many camps offer financial assistance through "camperships."
Check with each camp you are considering.

6.        Availability Most camps in Alabama operate from late May to early August. School calendars dictate dates of operation. Visit to help save our summers.

7.        Girls Only/Boys Only?  Decide whether you want your child to attend a co-ed, all-boy or all-girl camp. Co-ed camps allow brothers and sisters to attend camp together.

8.        Check Camp Reputation Talk with friends and neighbors for recommendations on camps. Call the camp and ask questions, review brochures, DVDs and websites. Visit the camp yourself. You wouldn’t send your child to school without having seen the school; don’t send him or her to a camp you know little about. 
All camps in Alabama are inspected and licensed by the state Department of Public Health.


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